How to play the cards?

Random within RECOGNITIONThis is how you play Open Cards®:
Read the question to yourself, then read the question out loud to others, listen, show respect and give meaning. You can play Open Cards® by yourself to gain a better insight in what your role in the cooperation is, or play it together with your colleague or your manager.

Follow these five steps when answering the Open Cards® game cards:
Read the question out loud
Everyone gives his/her own answer. Be spontaneous. If at that point you don’t know the answer, just say that you don’t know the answer.
The others listen.

: summarize each other’s answers.

Show respect. Each answer is correct! Do not interrupt when someone is answering, only if you need a clarification.

When everyone has had a turn, discuss how the answers affect your teamwork.

What stands out? What new insights have you gained? What is needed to reinforce your teamwork? Should you, for example, make new agreements or formulate a focus area

DSC_0232There are three ways to play Open Cards®:

  1. Play Open Cards® on your own : Take a card. Read the question. Explore what thoughts, ideas and feelings this question raises in you.
  2. Play Open Cards® with your colleague(s) or manager(s)
    Take a card. Read it out loud. Spend a few minutes answering the question. Hand the card to someone else who will in turn answer the question.
  3. Play Open Cards® with your team
    Lay the pile of cards in the centre and, each in turn, take a card. The first person reads and answers the question. (S)he passes the card on to a colleague who then takes their turn to answer the question. Each person answers the question in his/her own way.

– Periodically play a card or a series of cards.
– Keep the cards handy to stimulate the occasional dialogue on.