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P1060219 - versie 2On this page we facilitate users of the card set to share experiences and learn from each other! We encourage you to share how you do it:

  • what steps did you take in the process?
  • how did participants respond?
  • and of course: results?
  • any lessons learnt or tips you would like to share here with other Open Cards users?

If you have any pictures of people playing the game, we would be delighted to receive them and publish on this page.

Share and read experiences below.


Disaster Response Team Philippines

foto-4Read the story about a team building session facilitated by Monica de Graaf. Since November 2014 I support the Disaster Response World Renew Philippines. This program is the response to the disastrous typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. In December 2014 was a three-day conference with the complete team… read more



  1. Anne Jorritsma (Sabic) says

    In my company I have now facilitated this game twice, with international teams. During the last session, when I asked “how do you feel this exercise went”, one of the participants asked back “Let me first ask, what was your purpose with this?” I explained once again that it was a platform to stimulate dialogue between teams around questions they normally would not have the opportunity or time for. I added that the ultimate purpose was to get the team members to know more about each other, what moved them, and what was happening in their own situation so that through mutual understanding they would collaborate more pleasantly and productively.
    The participant paused for a moment and then responded with emphasis: “Well, then I would say this exercise was entirely successful!”
    I heard later on that the people from this exercise continued their conversations even in the evening team activity.

  2. Used the cards .. they were a big hit !

    Students loved em and my co teacher played along as well. Couldn’t get a camera, need a permit here @ Boeing, and cell phone cameras are not allowed on campus.

    Selected several cards from each color to use for the day. Some questions were better suited for the class subject matter than others.

    I asked students to think in terms of their jobs, experiences and the class itself. Some cards were better suited for the course subject matter than others.

    And I used them to open the class after intros and then prior to a section of class that was about asking effective questions oddly enough!

  3. I’ve used the cards and think that they are well designed and useful for groups, small teams, and individuals. The instructions are simple to follow. The cards and questions are well thought out. They really make you think in order to answer and make you listen when others answer.

    For small businesses, these can be useful to hand out in staff meetings – just a few cards to stimulate the discussion and help develop the team.

    In workshops, I’ll use them as “Jolts”, as Thiagi calls them, to grab the attention of the group after breaks or at the beginning of the day – just to get the in the right mind-set.

    In class, I’ll use much like my morning wake-up exercises, but at different times of the day to help stimulate thinking and build the students into more of a team.

    I heartily recommend getting the cards and using them.

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