Recognition of qualities and emotions

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-14 om 10.00.55Recognition is about acknowledging each other’s qualities, make use of the differences, be honest and recognize and acknowledge each other’s emotions.

Working together is personal business. You will get to know your employees and/or colleagues better when you work together.

We have a tendency to work with people who resemble us, but different personalities make stronger teams.

People have many emotions and many different ways of expressing these emotions Have you ever driven home at the end of the day in total frustration? Ever been afraid of breaking down in tears during a meeting with your manager? Expressing emotions can be a way to prevent emotions from getting stuck and (working) relations getting undermined.

During our sessions we make room to clear the air, define emotions that are present and examine if these emotions are valuable or not to the teamwork. We try to create optimal conditions for honesty, to make sure that what has to be said, will be said.