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First page MAFN webinarThe Mid Atlantic Facilitator Network (USA) invited us to present our insights on powerful teamwork. And so we did in a webinar. On November 6 2014, we shared our story with a group of professional facilitators and coaches in the USA. In a 90-minute session, we explained the essential ingredients of teamwork and a variety of ways to facilitate and coach groups with the Open Cards set. The session was interactive; we experienced a very constructive dialogue with our professional peers from North America.

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Powerfulteamwork.com facilitates your teamwork.


Gunilla Blijsie is the author of ‘Open Cards®… power up your teamwork’ and founder of Powerfulteamwork.com.

Open Cards® is a valuable tool that helps you evaluate your cooperation at work in order to strengthen the work relationship.

Communication about your teamwork feels like oxygen for those involved. In practice however we hardly fully breathe. Imagine your business environment nurtures your personal talent and brings out the best in you and your colleagues. You can easily stimulate each other to use own unique qualities while you are working together (use the tool).

Gunilla is Executive Personal Coach, Facilitator interactive team coaching, Management Development Advisor and Journey Leader of the first Dutch Leadership Trail. Clients describe her style as sharp, distinct, humorous, profound, realistic and practical.

It is her mission to stimulate people to examine the way they work together. She will show you the power of cooperation and help you tackle less effective old habits. This process will boost your cooperation!

After 20 years Gunilla had become an expert in facilitating joined interactive team processes within organizations. This will improve the working environment for all involved, stimulating team spirit and team effectiveness and even help prevent future absence or the escalations of (latent) conflicts.

Logo PbPJeroen Blijsie business and change manager. Being a former top volleyball player he knows what is important for powerful teamwork.

He is passionate about facilitating teams during mission, vision and strategy building/forming. These meetings often create a breakthrough in the process of change.

Jeroen is a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He is also author of the Dutch book on process facilitation Hartelijk Gefaciliteerd.